Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding day Transportation

To help you with wedding transportation we reached out to Michael Thompson from our favorite transportation company, ZBest Limousines for help.

“There are many, many transportation companies out there that's for sure!!! It's the details that make the difference! At ZBest Executive and ZBest Limousines we pay extra attention to the details that make or break an event. We are also available to the brides and the families of the brides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office never closes. This sets us apart from the competition, who end up having an employee carry around an "emergency" phone after 5pm and on the weekends. It makes such a difference having a "live" person who is in the "work" state of mind and is positioned in front of a computer. Our experience in handling weddings, as well as so many other social events, has allowed us to develop standards and to teach those standards to all of our new hires. This helps in creating a consistency which has served us well.

Our ideal client is a bride who is about 6 months away from her wedding day .... also brides who have unique venues and might offer shuttle services for their guests. A bride could end up ordering a limo for the groom and the groomsmen, a limo for the bride and bridesmaids, shuttle services for their guests, and then an after reception transfer for the bride and groom . There are so many unique scenarios and circumstances that present themselves nowadays that brides in the past had never considered. We work with brides in all price categories. One really neat fact about ZBest is that all of our brides are important. Whether you are spending $400.00 or $4,000.00 our service standards are consistent. We have a high level of consistently excellent service. Everyone is made to feel like they are the most important person of the day. "

Michael offers the following helpful hints when planning your wedding day transportation:

1. Be specific in communicating your expectations to us so that we can help you. Make sure you indicate what's important to you and don't assume that we know --- what style do you prefer, color preference, anything inside the Limo that you might like us to have ready for you?

2. Make sure you visit us and check out our cars. You might see something you like and for a nominal fee we could possibly upgrade you into another vehicle style.

3. Review our history, ask about our Insurance Coverage's and experience in the Industry. Ask about what Professional Associations and Memberships we belong to.

4. Do you have a favorite chauffer? Maybe the guy or gal who drove you for your Bachelor or Bachelorette party? Ask for that person to drive for your wedding --- they will be much more invested in making your wedding a success if they were specifically requested in advance.

Happy planning!!

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