Monday, December 6, 2010

Butterfly Release for your wedding

Butterflies have many symbolic meanings. In Japan the butterfly represents long life and is thought to represent marital bliss. The butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge in ancient mythology but mostly commonly butterflies are known to represent change. What better way to depict the change from two hearts to beating as one then a butter release?

Butterfly releases are unique in expression and lasting in impression and are a great alternative to bird seed, doves, or balloons. It is important to work with a reputable butterfly farmer in ordering your butterflies. Also, having a person certified in releasing butterflies is helpful.
There are many butterfly farmers that can assist you with securing butterflies for your release; however, we work with Jodi Hopper at Wish A Upon a Butterfly for her commitment to her customers. Jodi is always available to answer any questions or walk customers through any problems. Her goal is to make sure your release is flawless. Jodi sees every client as ideal, “I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t.” Jodi suggests ordering your butterflies at least four to six weeks in advance. Explaining your vision for your butterfly release will allow your butterfly farmer to better instruct you on how to create your vision and they can let you know what will and will not work. Most importantly, Jodi suggests having guests take pictures of the release in case there are angles the photographer(s) cannot get.

To learn more about butterfly releases:

Wish Upon a Butterfly
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