Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Need help making your loves Valentine Extra Special….

Look no further.  Let Intimate Events Designer, Leigh Ann Lawrie of Leigh's Signature Touch help.  LST creates intimate and customized events that allows EVERYONE to be an intricate part.  For Valentine’s Day let Leigh customize special Valentine's Day date ideas for only $30. Customers will receive two customized idea options based on their responses to a questionnaire.
Each event is not just planned from the eyes of the host. It's planned with the intention of including the personalities of each and every participant. For example, with the Valentine's Day special, the purpose of the questionnaire is to make sure that whatever options provided are centered around the person receiving the gift/date. Often times when it comes to things such as dating, individuals plan it from their perspective and what they THINK the other person will like. LST's goal is to help you coordinate a special moment that truly incorporates the personalities of others.
To get help with you Valentine’s Day idea go to and get started.