Monday, September 28, 2009

Dessert Mixer...for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

PEARL OF WISDOM, LLC EVENTS and DISTINCTIVELY YOURS EVENT MANAGEMENT, have dished up a sugar-spun dessert -themed 'Mix 'N Mingle' just for you at a new and innovative venue - The Wedding Library and Cafe !
On this day, normally reserved for kids and dedicated to sweets, this Dessert Mixer is the perfect fix for your sweet tooth. You've worked hard all week, come...
Mix, mingle, nibble & network with other business professionals from this area.
In celebration of National Breast Cancer Month, we've made 'PINK' our sugary colour du jour.
Your palette deserves to experience the sweet concoctions of sprinkled candies that we have in store for you.
And to wash it all down, imbibe in an assortment of 'pink' thirst quinchers - including our super sexy signature pink drink.
Don't miss out on the DOOR PRIZE - valued at one hundred and thirty dollars!!
THE DOOR PRIZE WINNER will be given 90 seconds to pitch their business to a captive audience of business professionals !!! That's three time longer than the average time...How cool is that?!
So that all of this sweetness is not in vain, throughout the event, we will be accepting monetary donations to THE PINK ENVELOPE PROJECT, that will benefit our charity of choice - NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. We will provide the envelopes, you decide on how charitable you are going to be. What a way to top off an afternoon to remember.
Bring your appetite for a delectably, sugary experience.... business cards are optional!

Monday, August 24, 2009

You must RSVP!!

All of us have at some point been invited to an event and were asked to RSVP. For some of us this is a no-brainer for others the RSVP is largely ignored. RSVP stands for "Répondez s'il vous plaît", a French phrase that translates to "please respond" or "respond if you'd please".

You must RSVP whether or not you are planning to attend the event. This helps the host ensure that there is enough food, drinks, seating, favors, etc. It is also to reassure the host that you actually received the invitation.

There is etiquette involved in responding to an invitation. First RSVP by the requested date. It is just common courtesy. Second, follow the RSVP instructions. If the invitation is emailed or sent via respond through this particular channel. If the invitation includes a response card with a self addressed envelope – mail the RSVP. Do not call to RSVP unless it is requested by the host. Third, please only RSVP for the number of guests indicated on the invitation. That means do not write the names of additional people on the RSVP or don’t bring your best friend if your spouse or partner are invited but can’t attend. Last but not not least, don’t bring children if children are not mentioned on the invitation.

Keep these tips in mind the next time you are invited to an event. Your host will thank you for it!

Happy Planning!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Day Style Bridal Show at The Tremont - April 5, 2009

The My Day Style Bridal Show at The Tremont Grand was held on April 5, 2009. I had the opportunity to work with some very talented event professionals – Colleen Reed of Divine Designs and Events, Roxanne Dillon of Dillon Design Company, Anne Canosa and Susan Childs of Select Event Rental, Blue Sky Films, Pintail Yachts, Bruce Mitchell DJs, and The Tremont Grand. I would to thank all of these individuals and businesses for helping develop my design for the Veterans Room on the 3rd floor. Our After Party was set up like a lounge and we had wonderful finger food and fun drinks which included two varieties of homemade corn dogs, homemade potato chips, a Mediterranean Dip Station, Shirley Temples and Root Beer floats. Our room was a hit with the brides and the other vendors.

I want to send special thank you to Colleen Reed of Divine Designs and Events and Roxanne Dillon of Dillon Design Company and Anne Canosa and Susan Childs of Select Event Rental for all their help in designing the tablescape featured in the My Day Table Design contest on the 5th floor of The Tremont in the Mirror Room.

Looking forward to next year!

Baltimore NACE UNCORKED - March 16, 2009

This year I got the opportunity to not only be participate in the Baltimore Uncorked Fundraising event as a planning member but also as a designer. The theme for the 2009 Baltimore Uncorked was “A Night at the Movies”. I, along with about 30 other designers, created tablescapes that represented a variety of movies.

Held on March 16, 2009, I designed a table representing The Color Purple and 101 Dalmatians. I am a great time creating the designs and appreciate all those that helped this all come together.

Interested in attending on the next Baltimore Uncorked please check out to see the date for the next event.

I DO Brunch for Wedding Professionals

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the I Do Brunch for Wedding Professionals on April 4, 2009 with a group of talented wedding planners from the Mid-Atlantic area. This event sponsored by Linnyette Richardson-Hall of Premier Event Management was a true hit with all that attended. Table 1, where I sat, was a memorable group and we had a great time talking, laughing, teaching, and learning from each other. This just out there will be an I DO Brunch in 2010. See you there!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Carnations for a Wedding…Yes, I am serious

Brides tend to go for roses, calla lilies, and orchids when deciding on the flowers for their weddings. All of these flowers are beautiful and are wonderful in bouquets, centerpieces, and boutonnieres. But when brides are looking to cut their floral budgets instead of choosing another flower they go for smaller bouquets and centerpieces that can sometimes give the appearance of barely there flowers. If a lower cost flower had been chosen, such as the carnation, the wedding and reception could have been filled with beautiful arrangements.

Trying to convince a bride to go with carnations can be hard but when you weigh the benefits it makes it easier.

* Carnations come in a variety of colors
* Carnations are very hearty and hold up well in all types of weather
* Carnations are popular because they can be given to express all types of emotions – especially love
* Carnation blooms last a long time
* Carnations look nice singly or in a bunch
* Carnations colors can be mix and matched
* Carnations are inexpensive

Please check out these websites for great carnation centerpieces and bouquets

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wedding Innovator's Design Challenge

The “Design My Wedding”: Wedding Innovator’s Challenge is a bridal event that will push the envelope on creativity, philanthropy and showmanship. The event will feature six designer showcases created by teams of the country’s finest special event industry professionals. These showcases will push the envelope on today’s trends and be voted upon by Washington, DC brides and a panel of Industry Leaders.

Saturday, February 21, 2009
10:00am - 5:00pm
The Liaison Capitol Hill
415 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, DC

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Orange - the new IT color

ORANGE! The ‘it” color this year no matter the season. Shades of orange will be seen in many weddings in 2009. Orange can be incorporated into your special day in many ways such as table linen, flowers, invitations, and my favorite, lighting. You can also include the color orange in your cake decorations, candles, signature drink, or incorporate actual oranges into your centerpiece or make a cut in an orange to use as your place card holders. The ideas are limitless.

Some great color combinations that include shades of orange are:

Orange and gold
Orange and hot pink
Orange, pink, white, and yellow
Sunset and sand dollar
Tangerine and scarlet
Pumpkin and latté
Creamsicle and celadon
Orange and silver
Orange and gray
Orange, silver, green, yellow
Orange, fuchsia, green

Let us assist you in making your day memorable, elegant, and inspiring.

Happy Planning!