Monday, September 28, 2009

Dessert Mixer...for Business Professionals and Entrepreneurs

PEARL OF WISDOM, LLC EVENTS and DISTINCTIVELY YOURS EVENT MANAGEMENT, have dished up a sugar-spun dessert -themed 'Mix 'N Mingle' just for you at a new and innovative venue - The Wedding Library and Cafe !
On this day, normally reserved for kids and dedicated to sweets, this Dessert Mixer is the perfect fix for your sweet tooth. You've worked hard all week, come...
Mix, mingle, nibble & network with other business professionals from this area.
In celebration of National Breast Cancer Month, we've made 'PINK' our sugary colour du jour.
Your palette deserves to experience the sweet concoctions of sprinkled candies that we have in store for you.
And to wash it all down, imbibe in an assortment of 'pink' thirst quinchers - including our super sexy signature pink drink.
Don't miss out on the DOOR PRIZE - valued at one hundred and thirty dollars!!
THE DOOR PRIZE WINNER will be given 90 seconds to pitch their business to a captive audience of business professionals !!! That's three time longer than the average time...How cool is that?!
So that all of this sweetness is not in vain, throughout the event, we will be accepting monetary donations to THE PINK ENVELOPE PROJECT, that will benefit our charity of choice - NATIONAL BREAST CANCER FOUNDATION. We will provide the envelopes, you decide on how charitable you are going to be. What a way to top off an afternoon to remember.
Bring your appetite for a delectably, sugary experience.... business cards are optional!