Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wedding Stationery

Stationery is a recurring theme during your wedding planning thus requires a great deal of attention. When the guests receive the save the date and then the formal invitation it gives them an idea of what to expect for your wedding. This is why it is important to choose the right stationery to announce your wedding.

There are many different options when deciding on stationery. Some couples create their stationery themselves with kits purchased online or in retail stores. While others work with a stationer or graphic artist to create custom stationery for their wedding. If working with a wedding planner, they can introduce you to qualified stationer.

If you decide to DIY your stationery please make sure that the stationery is properly assembled, neat, has the correct postage. One of the benefits of using a professional stationer and/or graphic designer is that they would be designing a one of a kind stationery package for you and that they are responsible for constructing all the pieces for you.

When designing your own stationery be sure to include the proper wording on all pieces. Your wedding planner is a great resource for assisting with stationery wording.

Don’t be afraid to be creative with your stationery. It should be as memorable as your wedding celebration.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Wedding day Transportation

To help you with wedding transportation we reached out to Michael Thompson from our favorite transportation company, ZBest Limousines for help.

“There are many, many transportation companies out there that's for sure!!! It's the details that make the difference! At ZBest Executive and ZBest Limousines we pay extra attention to the details that make or break an event. We are also available to the brides and the families of the brides 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office never closes. This sets us apart from the competition, who end up having an employee carry around an "emergency" phone after 5pm and on the weekends. It makes such a difference having a "live" person who is in the "work" state of mind and is positioned in front of a computer. Our experience in handling weddings, as well as so many other social events, has allowed us to develop standards and to teach those standards to all of our new hires. This helps in creating a consistency which has served us well.

Our ideal client is a bride who is about 6 months away from her wedding day .... also brides who have unique venues and might offer shuttle services for their guests. A bride could end up ordering a limo for the groom and the groomsmen, a limo for the bride and bridesmaids, shuttle services for their guests, and then an after reception transfer for the bride and groom . There are so many unique scenarios and circumstances that present themselves nowadays that brides in the past had never considered. We work with brides in all price categories. One really neat fact about ZBest is that all of our brides are important. Whether you are spending $400.00 or $4,000.00 our service standards are consistent. We have a high level of consistently excellent service. Everyone is made to feel like they are the most important person of the day. "

Michael offers the following helpful hints when planning your wedding day transportation:

1. Be specific in communicating your expectations to us so that we can help you. Make sure you indicate what's important to you and don't assume that we know --- what style do you prefer, color preference, anything inside the Limo that you might like us to have ready for you?

2. Make sure you visit us and check out our cars. You might see something you like and for a nominal fee we could possibly upgrade you into another vehicle style.

3. Review our history, ask about our Insurance Coverage's and experience in the Industry. Ask about what Professional Associations and Memberships we belong to.

4. Do you have a favorite chauffer? Maybe the guy or gal who drove you for your Bachelor or Bachelorette party? Ask for that person to drive for your wedding --- they will be much more invested in making your wedding a success if they were specifically requested in advance.

Happy planning!!

Reception Cuisine

Do you want to keep your guests talking about your wedding reception? Serve them great food. The meal served at your wedding celebration should amaze your guests. From the cocktail reception to the wedding cake, your guests should ohh and ahh. This type of reaction can be achieved by hiring the right caterer for your special day. There are many caterers all with different cuisines. Finding the one that takes the taste of your guests into consideration as well as your style is an important task.

One of the caterers that we work with is Atlantic Caterers, Inc. Raoul Frevel, Jr. he indicates what set’s Atlantic Caterers apart from other caterers is the sense of family. “Since we are family owned and operated, you as a client get the feeling that you are working with someone that you have known your entire life. We always have a family member working each event and our staff has been working for us for 10, 20 & some 30 years. It is a testament to that family based atmosphere.” Atlantic Caterers’ ideal client is one who knows what they want and allows Atlantic to take that vision and bring it to reality. Raoul says the best compliment is when a client or guest says, “This is the best Wedding Food we have ever had!

Happy Planning!!


Finding the ideal venue for your wedding reception

One of the first decisions that must be made when planning your wedding is deciding on the venue. The venue should represent your taste and style, be large enough to hold the number of guests that you are anticipating, and fit within your wedding budget. 35% of your wedding budget typically goes to the reception so it is important to find the right venue to celebrate your wedding. When wanting to impress your guests and have a memorable wedding celebration, think the Tremont Plaza Hotel and Grand.

Danielle Baird, Assistant Director of Catering tells us that “The Tremont Plaza Hotel offers spacious and luxurious guest rooms with all of the desired amenities. Our suites include a kitchenette complete with a microwave, refrigerator and china as well as a sitting area in every suite making it the most comfortable and relaxing home away from home. Upon arrival and departure you will be donned with a smile and no request will go unanswered.”

The Tremont’s ideal client prefers an independent family-owned all-suite hotel in a great location where “Hospitality meets Personality.” The Tremont is conveniently located 5 blocks from Baltimore’s Inner Harbor so that your guests are a short distance from the culture and excitement that the harbor ensues yet not right in the congestion.

The Tremonts boosts 19 different spaces that can be used for all parts of your wedding celebration.

Danielle reminds us that staying at The Tremont in the historical district gives you access to the Charm City Circulator – Purple Route which is convenient, efficient and free transportation around downtown.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Purchasing your new home

Purchasing a new home is an important step after the wedding. If you are a first time home buyer this process can be extremely intimidating but with the right realtor this process can go smoothly. Having an idea of house much house your can afford prior to meeting with a realtor can make the process go faster but a realtor can help you find a quality lender in additional to helping you find the house of your dreams.

Things to consider when purchasing your new home is the school district if you are planning to have kids, the distance from your job, and property values, and the amenities within the house that are important to you.

We love to recommend our clients to Mark Houck of Execuhome Realty for their housing needs. We asked Mark what makes him different from other realtors. “Passion and Patience. I love helping buyers purchase the house of their dreams or seeing the excitement of that First time home buyer when they get their first set of house keys. Since 75% of my business is from referrals from past clients, it is important that you meet or exceed the client’s expectations or you won’t be in this business for long.”

Mark loves the first time home buyer, “It’s sort of a fun challenge. They are just getting into the housing market and usually are not really sure exactly what they are looking for, so it’s exciting to match them up with that perfect house. When we finally walk into the “One”, it’s pretty obvious to everyone by the reactions. It’s really hard to explain in words, but the feeling they get and the look in their eyes says it all!"

Mark offers the following home buying hints “Do your Homework! Finding the right Home starts with finding the right Realtor! With an ever changing housing market, it is important to have a Realtor working for you that knows the market. There are all sorts of First time buyer programs out here that can result in significant money for the buyers. Different areas and counties in Maryland even offer their own incentives for people buying, everything from interest free loans to grants. Did you know that as a buyer, it cost you nothing to use the services of a Realtor like myself? Why wouldn’t you want someone looking out for you in the transaction? This is the biggest purchase most of us will ever make, so take some time to make sure the Realtor you select is the one for the job!”

So when you are ready to start the home buying process give Mark a call, he would love to help (443) 404-4000!!!

Rentals for your wedding and beyond…

As an event management company we work with lots of rental companies to help make our clients weddings a reality. Rentals companies can provide a variety of things for your wedding – tents, linen, place settings, and so much more.

One of the main reasons brides go to rentals companies is to select linens. Many venues offer ivory or white linen as a part of reserving the venue for the reception but brides what more. Yeah!! More color, more texture, more options! Rental companies offer all of this.

We work closely with Select Event Rentals for many of our events. Select has a great inventory of products. They carry just about everything you would need for your event whether it’s for a small residential party or a big wedding or commercial event. They are like a “one stop shop” for your convenience. Susan Childs, Account Manager at Select Event Rentals suggests that you give “yourself time when planning an event. Order your rentals ahead of time so you can receive what you like best. Although last minute orders are welcomed, please remember that selections may be limited.”

Please contact Select Event Rental s for all your rental needs.


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After the wedding…the honeymoon

After all the wedding planning and the actual wedding itself the honeymoon is the icing on the cake. Many couples want to go on a dream vacation for their honeymoon but do not know where to begin. Just like you have hired professionals to help you have your dream wedding, you should hire a professional to help you with your honeymoon. Travel agents have the training and the expertise to help make your honeymoon one that you will always remember.

Gwen McMillan of VIP Concierge Travel, LLC told us that experience is what sets them apart from others. The expertise of a travel professional is key in making the honeymoon a dream come true experience. VIP Concierge Travel takes advantage of educational opportunities so that when their clients "go, we know" their expectations will be met. At VIP Concierge Travel specialists work one-on-one with clients to learn about their likes and dislikes, and their wants and expectations so that they can work to provide then with a fabulous honeymoon. There one stop shop helps couples to enhance their honeymoon experience by letting their family and friends know their honeymoon wishes at The bride and groom have a lot on their mind, the honeymoon takes considerable planning and research at VIP customer service is there priority. They can handle every last detail so couples don't have to, hence their motto....."The choice is yours, the pleasure is ours".

Gwen says that their ideal client understands that planning the perfect, stress-free honeymoon is a breeze when working with a professional. “The client values our experience of planning many honeymoons and to help them through the planning process, creating memories of a lifetime.”

Gwen suggests starting the planning earlier so there is greater likelihood to book the perfect honeymoon destination. “By choosing to work with a professional you make "your time" relaxing; you will also have the security of having someone with power in your corner if anything starts to go wrong.”

Happy Planning


Wedding Gown Preservation

Although there are many brides that trash their wedding gowns after their ceremony, there are just as many, if not more, brides that are keeping in tradition and preserving their wedding gowns for future use. You remember the day that you found “the dress” and how good you felt knowing that in that dress you would be starting a new chapter in your life with the love of your life. Preserving your wedding gown allows you to also preserve that special feeling and prepare for additional chapters.

We offer wedding gown preservation through our partnership with Wedding Gown Preservation Company and our representative Kelly.

“Wedding gown Preservation Company is a family owned and operated business that has been doing gowns since 1913. It is our passion and specialty. Over the years we have helped thousands of brides preserve their special gown and memories. By combining today’s technology with the time proven methods of our trained experts we are able to ensure all of our brides will have their gown for future generations. Our company prides itself on having happy brides. We are one of the only companies who allow the brides to perform a bridal inspection on their preserved gown.

Our ideal client is any bride. It is our pleasure to ensure every bride who sends her gown to us have it beautifully preserved and ready for use for whatever plans she has for it. Even today, with brides selling or donating their gowns, they still send them in so they are cleaned and boxed and ready for the next owners’ perfect day. Other brides are having their gown preserved and planning on making a christening outfit or bassinet bedding for their 1st child when they arrive.”

Wedding Gown Preservation Company works with many local wedding planners to provide kits for interested brides. We would love to assist you if you are interested in preserving your wedding gown for life’s next chapter.

Happy Planning


Flowers and your Wedding

Most brides feel that the right florals make her wedding stand out. Because florals are such an important element it is important to find the right florist or floral designer. The floral designer will work with you to ensure that the florals compliment the style of your wedding, your dress, and that you love them.

Research the floral designer that you are interested in having create your wedding florals by viewing their website and/or blog and see what they have created for their previous clients. This will help give you an idea of their style. Feel free to check out bridal magazines for floral ideas too. Take the pictures that you love with you when you meet with the floral designer so that they can get an idea of your style and taste.

Florals are approximately 10% of your wedding budget and include all the florals for the bridal party, the parents, the ceremony, and reception centerpieces. Knowing how much you have to spend on florals will assist the floral designer in helping you choose the best flowers that fit your budget.

We asked Eddie Wingrat from Flowers and Fancies what sets them apart from other florists. Eddie indicated that “Flowers & Fancies has been assisting brides in central Maryland for 40 years. We are confident that our experience gives us the knowledge and the resources to interpret any brides expectations, and convert those desires into distinctive florals in any desired budget. Our worldwide resources include growers from all over the world. Our designers are all up on the latest in designs. We are here, ready to listen and ready to help. Our ideal client is any bride that is interested in having the highest quality with creative flair. “ Eddie suggests that brides have an understanding of their overall look and an approximate budget for every ingredient of their wedding. If you have dress, bring a swatch to the consult in addition to the colors/swatches of the reception linen. “Flowers are not only style driven, but color driven. We start with color, and then we can create..whether it’s a tropical, traditional or contemporary theme. We need the colors first !”

Flowers and Fancies

Happy Planning


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on I want to dance with my baby!!

One of the most memorable events at a wedding, after the wedding ceremony, is the entertainment at the reception. Entertainment can be in the form a DJ or a band, depending on your music preference or the theme of the wedding. It is important to meet with the DJ or band that you are interested in hiring to be sure that their personality and style in is in synch with your needs and style. Some things to consider when making a decision are amount of time needed for reception, space requirements, repertoire, and costs.

It is important to decide whether the DJ or band will play for both the cocktail hour and the wedding reception or just the reception. Also, it is important to know how much time is needed for the DJ or band to set-up and break down as this must be taken into consideration for schedule planning. Make sure that you know how much space the DJ or band will need as this imperative when planning your floor diagram for your reception. Make a list of music that should not be played during your reception and stress to the DJ or band leader the importance of respecting your request. And last but not, cost is important. Remember you get what you pay for so just because the price is low it does not mean you are getting a bargain especially if you are disappointed at your reception.

While speaking with the Vice President and Director of Operations, John Paul “JP” Berry of Absolute Entertainment I asked what he thought made Absolute Entertainment different from other entertainment companies. “I think the one "physical" thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we offer the option of an in-house "live" music demonstration in our sound studio with one of our salespersons/dj's ... and in this way we can work with the client "creating" the event that the client desires. The competition will more than likely meet you in a coffee shop or book store ... which, in our eye, is really not a comforting way to meet a performer and see their skills. Our ideal client is one that loves and has a passion for music as we would. We believe that the events we create are indicative of the clients "soul" ... and while we are injecting our professional expertise, the event is NOT about us. The music does the talking. Overall, the performer you select is the individual that will be entrusted with running your event. It's imperative that you meet the performer and see what they can do if you are shopping from scratch.” We love working with Absolute Entertainment and believe you will too.

Deciding on right entertainment for your reception can be a difficult task but hopefully the above tips will help make the decision an easier one.

Absolute Entertainment

Happy Planning!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A different kind of venue - La Banque de Fleuve

I had an opportunity this week to check out a new venue in Havre de Grace that would be ideal for a gathering for 125 guests and was wowed and amazed by La Banque de Fleuve. This quaint but soo totally interesting venue is perfect for a small wedding, business meeting, cocktail hour, holiday gathering, and more.

La Banque de Fleuve is Harford County's newest event facility overlooking the Susquehanna River featuring beautiful marble and woodwork. This one of a kind historic building was originally constructed for First National Bank in 1904. My favorite thing about the venue is the bank vault that is still on premise and serving as a wine bar. The owners have preserved many of the original features to maintain the historic feel but have updated others for a more modern appeal. If you are a looking for a unique venue that will keep your talking, check out La Banque de Fleuve.

La Banque de Fleuve

Happy Planning!


Hair and Make-up for YOUR special day!

All brides want to look radiant on their wedding day. Most would agree that eating right and exercise are the best ways to prepare but having a great hair stylist and make-up artist to pull it all together is a must. Even if you have skills in hair styling and make-up application, it is YOUR day so you should be relaxing and enjoying getting pampered – so hire professionals!

I strongly suggest that you make an appointment with the stylist that you are interested in so that you can get an idea of what your wedding hair and makeup will look like. This is an opportunity for the artist to try different hair and make-up styles. You do not want any surprises on your wedding day. It is important to be honest with the stylist. If you don’t like something, say it! Any professional would want you to be happy on YOUR special day so they will work with you to find the hair style and make-up look that you love.

I absolutely love my hair stylist and makeup artist, Carla Williams of So Serene Salon. I recommend her to all of my clients. Carla has been in the industry for many years and has done work for celebrities, political officials, and athletes, working in print, television, and film.

When asked what sets her part from other hair and make-up artist, Carla says "I sincerely and genuinely care about my client’s outer beauty as well as their inner beauty. When that person sits in my chair to have their hair or makeup service, I ask a lot of questions about their beauty goals, their lifestyle, their nutrition & diet, even their medical history. This allows me to truly understand who they are and ultimately design a look that is best suited for them, not necessarily the latest fad. Their time is exclusively their time. My goal for each client is to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually uplifted upon the completion of their service. God has blessed me with the gift of service and the talent to use my creative mind and hands to bring out the beauty in others. He gave me the vision for So Serene Salon, a place where beauty meets serenity."

Carla says she has two types of clients - In-salon and Outside of salon.

My in-salon client is anyone who appreciates quality hair care & makeup services in a cozy classy serene atmosphere where the conversations are of substance. My ideal client is someone who does not mind being pampered, educated, and loves the sound of a gently flowing water fountain accompanied by soul soothing music.  They are the stay-at-home moms, account executives, event planners, teachers, students, brides, paramedics, doctors, attorneys, waitresses, correctional officers, first ladies, engineers, retirees, business owners, models,..anyone!

My ideal outside client varies. Any event with a wedding party, production company, photographer, television studio, beauty pageant, or cosmetic company that allows me to showcase my makeup and hair skills and talent is bliss!”

Carla offers some helpful hints for dealing with the winter and the effects it has on the hair and skin - “Brrrrrr! It’s that time of year when the temperature is going down and coat collars are being turned up. With that being said, a lot of people begin to experience hair breakage and dryness in the nape area. Wool coat collars, knit hats, and textured scarves can cause hair breakage, so here are a few things we do and advise at So Serene Salon to help “winterize” your hair:

1. At So Serene Salon, we specialize in “Winterizing” our clients’ hair by providing additional treatments like the Brazilian Keratin Treatment for strength and protection, or the Hot Oil and Hydration Treatment for added moisture.

2. Using a silk or satin scarf to cover your coat collars and under hats your hair will prevent unwanted friction and trauma to your hair. You can go to the fabric store to find a variety of silk or satin fabrics.

Our skin also needs to be pampered and protected during these cold days. I recommend moisture, moisture, and more moisture. I carry a line of skincare products by Soul Purpose. They are infused with wild-crafted shea butter, acai berry, aloe vera, Vitamin D, and oils such as jojoba and grapeseed to name a few. These can be used from head to toe. I love using them in my clients’ hair for moisture, shine, and a wonderful scent."

I highly recommend Carla and So Serene Salon for all your hair and make-up needs!

So Serene Salon
1330-A Reisterstown Road
(Located in the Alley Shops)
Pikesville, Maryland 21208
(443) 919-2800

Happy Planning!


Monday, December 6, 2010

Butterfly Release for your wedding

Butterflies have many symbolic meanings. In Japan the butterfly represents long life and is thought to represent marital bliss. The butterfly stands for wisdom and everlasting knowledge in ancient mythology but mostly commonly butterflies are known to represent change. What better way to depict the change from two hearts to beating as one then a butter release?

Butterfly releases are unique in expression and lasting in impression and are a great alternative to bird seed, doves, or balloons. It is important to work with a reputable butterfly farmer in ordering your butterflies. Also, having a person certified in releasing butterflies is helpful.
There are many butterfly farmers that can assist you with securing butterflies for your release; however, we work with Jodi Hopper at Wish A Upon a Butterfly for her commitment to her customers. Jodi is always available to answer any questions or walk customers through any problems. Her goal is to make sure your release is flawless. Jodi sees every client as ideal, “I have yet to meet someone who wasn’t.” Jodi suggests ordering your butterflies at least four to six weeks in advance. Explaining your vision for your butterfly release will allow your butterfly farmer to better instruct you on how to create your vision and they can let you know what will and will not work. Most importantly, Jodi suggests having guests take pictures of the release in case there are angles the photographer(s) cannot get.

To learn more about butterfly releases:

Wish Upon a Butterfly
(724) 667-7101

Happy Planning!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Finding a Wedding Officiant

If you belong and regularly attend services at a church, synagogue, or other religious house of worship, then your search for an officiant is complete. But if you don’t fall into that category finding the right officiant for your celebration of love takes some research.

All states have laws that govern who is authorized to officiate a wedding ceremony so be sure to check your state laws before proceeding. You want to work with an officiant that has experience officiate a variety of ceremonies, that makes you feel comfortable, and who is willing to work with you to create the ceremony that you desire. Each officiant has different services that they offer so you must be confident that the officiant that you choose has what you are looking for.

When looking for a wedding officiant, talk with your wedding planner. Wedding planners have relationships with officiants so discuss your need early on in your planning. Second, take to friends and family members. And last but not least check wedding blogs, websites, etc to find the names of officiants in your area. When interviewing officiants, ask whether pre-marital counseling is required, if so, find out how many sessions are necessary and find out of the officiant will attend the rehearsal, if so, inquire if there is an additional cost for this service.

One officiant that we work with is Wedding by Sandy. What sets Wedding by Sandy apart from other officiants is that she and her associates are officiants with a back-up plan. If one of them is not available, there are seven others ready to assist you. They can cover the needs of almost any couple no matter the size of the weddings. Sandy’s ideal client is someone who contacts her early and is not stuck on tradition. Weddings by Sandy prides themselves on being flexible and creative. It is so much fun to help the creative bride! A couple of tips that Weddings by Sandy offers are not to wait until the last minute to contact them and always have a wedding rehearsal.

You can reach Weddings by Sandy at or (410) 340-3224.

Happy Planning!


Friday, December 3, 2010

Signature Drinks for your wedding

Creation of signature drinks for wedding receptions continues to be popular. Many couples create a signature drink as an extension of their wedding celebration style. There are several things to consider prior to deciding on a signature drink:
  • • The signature drink could be the couples favorite drink with a twist on the name
  • • It is not uncommon for the drink to represent a color that is part of the
  • • If the wedding is designed around a theme this can be used to decide on a drink
Having a few signature drinks served only during the cocktail hour and beer and wine during the actual reception can help save the cost associated with the wedding celebration. In addition, most signature drinks can be mixed prior to the cocktail hour or reception making them an easy solution for the bartenders.

Happy Planning!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Children at the wedding – yes or no?

Having children attend the reception is a very personal decision that must be agreed upon by the bride and groom. Some couples include children as they have a large number of friends or family members that have small children and think their friends may not attend if they cannot bring their children.

Some reasons not to include children are the time and length of the reception, how formal the wedding celebration will be, and cost. If the wedding reception starts later in the day or runs until after midnight, children may get restless and may not behave during the reception causing their parents and other guests to be uncomfortable. Not allowing children would allow parents to have “date night” thus allowing all guests to have a good time. If the celebration is formal, parents may have difficulty finding proper attire for their children to attend. Since most children do not have a defined palate or large appetites they need up not eating all of the food that they are served for dinner thus money for their meals is wasted.

Once a decision is made, stick to it. It becomes tricky when some children are allowed to attend and not others. If you decide that you want children to attend considering hiring a babysitting service. If the reception venue is large enough there may be a separate space that can be set up as location to entertain the children. Providing a sitter, crayons, toys, etc might be a win-win situation for everyone.

Hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you happy planning!

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Photo 2

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Five Wedding Faux Pas

As a first time bride there are many details that must be addressed but what no bride wants is to offend their guests. Below are five top wedding faux pas that all brides should avoid.

Inviting guests to the ceremony but not the reception

Determining the guest list for your wedding can be very difficult as the bride and groom want to invite their friends and family but must also consider the friends of their parents’. One of the major factors involving construction of the guest list is cost. Couples sometimes invite guests to only the wedding ceremony and not the reception in an attempt to save money on the cost of the reception. This is not a good practice. The people that are invited to your wedding should be people that have a vested interested in your doing well, know both of you, and are important in your life. There is no way to place a value on these important people so try to cut cost in other creative ways to achieve you dream wedding.

Including registry information with your invitation

Your wedding invitation is the formal notice of your wedding. Don’t ruin it by adding your registry information. If you decide to register for your wedding, please have your wedding party spread the word of where you guys are registered. Some couples include registry information on their wedding website. But remember, guests are not required to give a gift to a couple.

Having a Cash bar

It is in poor taste to invite guest to your wedding and have them pay for the bar. To cut cost, consider one of these options – (1) offer only beer, wine, and soda, and maybe a signature drink, (2) have an open bar only during the cocktail hour and beer, wine, and soda, and (3) have a dry wedding. There is nothing wrong with not having alcohol at your wedding.

Not greeting all of the guests

When there are several hundred people that want to congratulate on your nuptials it may seem like an overwhelming task to greet each ad over one, but DO IT. Whether it is a receiving line or visiting each table during dinner at the reception, make it a point to make each guest and thank them personally for attending and sharing in your celebration of love.

Not sending a thank you card for every wedding gift received

Not sending a thank you card for a wedding gift is the worst faux pas to commit. I am not talking about emails or other electronic means either. Write a note. When ordering your stationery it is easy to add on blank thank you cards. A handwritten note really shows that you appreciated the guest being a part of your special day and that you were grateful for the gift. The note should indentify the gift and if applicable indicate how the gift will be used.

Hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you happy planning!