Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Flowers and your Wedding

Most brides feel that the right florals make her wedding stand out. Because florals are such an important element it is important to find the right florist or floral designer. The floral designer will work with you to ensure that the florals compliment the style of your wedding, your dress, and that you love them.

Research the floral designer that you are interested in having create your wedding florals by viewing their website and/or blog and see what they have created for their previous clients. This will help give you an idea of their style. Feel free to check out bridal magazines for floral ideas too. Take the pictures that you love with you when you meet with the floral designer so that they can get an idea of your style and taste.

Florals are approximately 10% of your wedding budget and include all the florals for the bridal party, the parents, the ceremony, and reception centerpieces. Knowing how much you have to spend on florals will assist the floral designer in helping you choose the best flowers that fit your budget.

We asked Eddie Wingrat from Flowers and Fancies what sets them apart from other florists. Eddie indicated that “Flowers & Fancies has been assisting brides in central Maryland for 40 years. We are confident that our experience gives us the knowledge and the resources to interpret any brides expectations, and convert those desires into distinctive florals in any desired budget. Our worldwide resources include growers from all over the world. Our designers are all up on the latest in designs. We are here, ready to listen and ready to help. Our ideal client is any bride that is interested in having the highest quality with creative flair. “ Eddie suggests that brides have an understanding of their overall look and an approximate budget for every ingredient of their wedding. If you have dress, bring a swatch to the consult in addition to the colors/swatches of the reception linen. “Flowers are not only style driven, but color driven. We start with color, and then we can create..whether it’s a tropical, traditional or contemporary theme. We need the colors first !”

Flowers and Fancies

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