Monday, July 7, 2008

Tips on Personalizing your Wedding

Most of us have attended our far share of wedding and what makes them the most memorable are those things that uniquely showcase the couple. Personalizing parts of your wedding will do just that.

- writing your own vows – all long as both parties are in agreement this can be a very special way to express your love for each other like only you can
- Instead of entering the ceremony with the traditional wedding march enter instead to your favorite song
- Want you close family and friends to give you away? Enter the ceremony with a single rose. As you walk down the aisle have your close friends and family each hand you a single rose. When you reach the front you will have a beautiful bouquet and your family and friends have all shared in this special moment. This is a great idea of you do not have any one to walk you down the aisle.
- Personalize the wedding party gifts. At a recent wedding the groom had a pair of Nike’s customized for each of the groomsmen.
- Memory table – Displaying pictures of deceased loved ones in a area of the reception is a nice way to honor them and your relationship with them
- Include wedding pictures of close family and friends – These pictures can be hung around the reception or added as a collage in the program. This is a way of showing your love to the ones close to you.
- Have the pattern on the wedding cake mirror the brides’ gown.
- Instead of table numbers identifying guest tables use a theme – honeymoon destination, favorite food, or favorite movie. I have even seen court cases that the couple worked on used as table identifiers.

Happy Planning!