Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Congratulations to Abigail and Darrell!!

Abigail and Darrell are the winners of our FREE Day of Wedding Coordination contest!  They will be getting married on June 4th in Marietta, PA and Distinctively Yours Event Management is happy to be able to assist them their special day.  Can't wait to meet you guys!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today the price of roses went up

I ran into a floral shop today because I needed one single red rose.  But I walked out with a substitute.  Today was the day that the price of roses skyrocked just in time for Valentine's Day.  The florist quoted $16.99 for ONE rose.  This explains the $75-$100/dozen that roses cost at Valentine's Day.

There are other ways to express love for that special someone.  Think outside the chocolates, roses, and the card.  Is there a restaurant that has a special meaning?  What about a  movie that you know that special someone would appreciate?  Think about your loves desires and plan accordingly.  Yes, plan! Get a sitter for the kids, make reservations, order your gifts as soon as possible, and remember why you love them.

You have one more week to make Valentine's Day special!