Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hey Mr. DJ put a record on I want to dance with my baby!!

One of the most memorable events at a wedding, after the wedding ceremony, is the entertainment at the reception. Entertainment can be in the form a DJ or a band, depending on your music preference or the theme of the wedding. It is important to meet with the DJ or band that you are interested in hiring to be sure that their personality and style in is in synch with your needs and style. Some things to consider when making a decision are amount of time needed for reception, space requirements, repertoire, and costs.

It is important to decide whether the DJ or band will play for both the cocktail hour and the wedding reception or just the reception. Also, it is important to know how much time is needed for the DJ or band to set-up and break down as this must be taken into consideration for schedule planning. Make sure that you know how much space the DJ or band will need as this imperative when planning your floor diagram for your reception. Make a list of music that should not be played during your reception and stress to the DJ or band leader the importance of respecting your request. And last but not, cost is important. Remember you get what you pay for so just because the price is low it does not mean you are getting a bargain especially if you are disappointed at your reception.

While speaking with the Vice President and Director of Operations, John Paul “JP” Berry of Absolute Entertainment I asked what he thought made Absolute Entertainment different from other entertainment companies. “I think the one "physical" thing that sets us apart from the competition is that we offer the option of an in-house "live" music demonstration in our sound studio with one of our salespersons/dj's ... and in this way we can work with the client "creating" the event that the client desires. The competition will more than likely meet you in a coffee shop or book store ... which, in our eye, is really not a comforting way to meet a performer and see their skills. Our ideal client is one that loves and has a passion for music as we would. We believe that the events we create are indicative of the clients "soul" ... and while we are injecting our professional expertise, the event is NOT about us. The music does the talking. Overall, the performer you select is the individual that will be entrusted with running your event. It's imperative that you meet the performer and see what they can do if you are shopping from scratch.” We love working with Absolute Entertainment and believe you will too.

Deciding on right entertainment for your reception can be a difficult task but hopefully the above tips will help make the decision an easier one.

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Happy Planning!

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