Thursday, December 2, 2010

Children at the wedding – yes or no?

Having children attend the reception is a very personal decision that must be agreed upon by the bride and groom. Some couples include children as they have a large number of friends or family members that have small children and think their friends may not attend if they cannot bring their children.

Some reasons not to include children are the time and length of the reception, how formal the wedding celebration will be, and cost. If the wedding reception starts later in the day or runs until after midnight, children may get restless and may not behave during the reception causing their parents and other guests to be uncomfortable. Not allowing children would allow parents to have “date night” thus allowing all guests to have a good time. If the celebration is formal, parents may have difficulty finding proper attire for their children to attend. Since most children do not have a defined palate or large appetites they need up not eating all of the food that they are served for dinner thus money for their meals is wasted.

Once a decision is made, stick to it. It becomes tricky when some children are allowed to attend and not others. If you decide that you want children to attend considering hiring a babysitting service. If the reception venue is large enough there may be a separate space that can be set up as location to entertain the children. Providing a sitter, crayons, toys, etc might be a win-win situation for everyone.

Hope you find these tips helpful and I wish you happy planning!

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