Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Thin Bride Syndrome

To help our brides that are interesting in getting fit prior to the wedding we have asked our resident personal trainer to provide some guidance.

So it’s your big day. You have the right venue and you are marrying your best friend but you are worrying about one thing -your body. The fear of looking perfect has plagued many brides causing crazy crash diets that leave may brides feeling faint, irritable, and more stressed.

A panic-induced diet and exercise program is the most commonly seen side effect of Thin Bride Syndrome. Depending on the timeline, it can often be too little too late. Now, I want everyone to understand, I get it. Brides, bridal parties, and moms all want to look good for the wedding day. And I am all for using this day as an inspiration to start living a healthy lifestyle. But dieting and exercising to look better, only to gain the weight back plus a few bonus pounds is a facade.

Why not start “till death do us part” with a lifelong healthy notion? A notion that allows you to be healthier for all occasions because the unfortunate news is weight gain is inevitable.

For my soon to be brides here are a few of my tips to get you started.

Access Yourself

The average weight loss is about 1-2lbs per week. So be realistic with yourself and your goals. Start by evaluating what a healthy weight for you will be and for what goal.

The Time Line

So when is the big day? Are you planning a month, weeks, or a year in advance? Asking yourself this question is important to understand how much time you need. So if you need to lose 50lbs you will probably need about 6 months. So time is important for bridal dinners, food tasting, and an occasional slip up. Set a deadline to reach your goal and stick with it!

Weight Loss = Work

So some gym time is in order. This means devoting a minimum of 30 minutes of cardio three times per week and one hour of strength training for a total of 4.5 hrs a week of physical fitness. The more weight to loss the more time you want to spend on cardio – the more to toning and sculpting for those great arms and back, more time is needed for strength training. Remember when reaching your goal all activities are good. Those occasional walks, random push-ups, and sit-up won’t hurt your goal but a plan will give your real results you can track. Just try to stay active, and cut down on at least the worst of your high-calorie eating habits. Remember old habits breathe old results. Want to make more progress? Then you'll need to push yourself a little harder.

Pump a Little Harder

To stick with the program, increase the intensity of your cardio and strength-training programs every week. Brides should not be afraid of increasing the weight load. This is required to challenge your body and take it past a plateau. DO NOT BELIEVE THE MYTH - strength training does not equal a masculine physique. Rather it equals a higher metabolism – letting you eat a little more :)!

Track Your Progress

Keep track by recording your goals in a journal -- having them in writing is a fantastic motivator.

For example:
Week One: Work out at least twice and be sure to strength train; then also do cardio two times during the week for at least 20 minutes.

Week Two: Repeat your fitness regimen from week one, but add 10 minutes to your two cardio workouts. Also, cut out all soft drinks for the entire week.

As you reach each goal, record it -- you'll find it's not so tough to build on your successes.

Eat Smart

Instead of looking at food choices as another chore, think of smart eating as cheating to good health. Try eating often, from rise till about 2hrs before bed time. Food choices should be full of fruits and veggies. If your diet plan is far from a plan here are some quick and basic suggestions:

• Eat Breakfast, everyday – Breakfast should be balanced and light

• Have health snacks between your 3 major meals. Fruit, nuts, dairy, and veggies are nice snack options

• Lunch think of this meal and your energizer. Push through the day with filling meals, mixing veggies, lean protein, and carbs that fuel you not drag you.

• Dinner. Remember for most dinner ends the day right before primetime television. So if the evening ends on the coach pick meals that are light and full of veggies and protein

• Portions on your plate are for you! Not everyone so remember it’s okay to share, leave things behind, or come back to your favorite foods. This is better than overeating at any meal.

• Water heaps so drink it! Add lemon o try flavored waters to boast your intake.

Stay Positive and Well Rounded

Let’s be real! Putting it all together is hard but doing getting fit last minute, too fast, is harder. So get help! Personal Trainers and fitness experts are the “no it all’s” but there here to make this job easier, safer, and maybe even faster. Putting all the keys in your pocket will make opening the doors very easy on your big day. A complete well rounded approach to your training and diet plan will make the dress sizes come down. Remember ladies, the dress eventually comes off!"

Wauseca Briscoe, MBA, NASM, ACE, AAAI

Health Care Adviser/Wellness Coordinator

Resources: Lori Fisccone, Creator for Bally Bridal Bootcamp, NASM, Fitness Guides

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