Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Finding just the right wedding dress

“This is the dress!” These four words are voiced by every bride once she finds the wedding dress of her dreams. Before dragging your best gal pals to help you find the “dress” there are some things to consider before making this very important purchase.

Gown budget – There is nothing more frustrating than finding the perfect dress and it cost more than the budgeted amount. Be up front with the bridal boutique consultant about the price range you need to stay within. This can help them better service you.

Check the sample color – Make sure that the sample color is the color that you want for your dress. There are many shades of white, off white, and ivory. Ask for a swatch of the dress to add to your wedding planning book.

Can you sit in it? – Between the ride to the ceremony and reception and your first meal together as a married couple, you will be sitting. Make sure that you can sit comfortably in your dress.

Can you dance? – Having a great DJ means lots of dancing. Can you get your groove on in your “dress”? Try a couple of your favorite moves prior to paying for the dress.

Discuss alterations – Every bridal boutique has different rules and time restrictions on alterations. Be sure to know what the alteration schedule is at your location.

Get veil ideas – Check out the various veils available at the bridal boutique and try on your favorites with your dress. The veil should complement the dress and if it doesn’t that might not be the right veil for your special day.

Verify the date of arrival – Knowing the date which your dream dress will arrive is important, especially when scheduling alterations. Make sure there is enough time in case there is a problem with getting the dress in.

Know the cancellation / refund policy – In the event that the dress must be returned, it is important to know the cancellation / refund policy at the boutique where you brought your dress.

This special moment can be loads of fun and excitement, but being armed with the right tools will make it the very best.

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